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Free Quality Stock Images For Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs

Are you always looking for quality free stock images for your blog or online entrepreneurial projects? Free quality stock images for bloggers and online entrepreneurs, these five sources are a must-have. If you are a blogger or online entrepreneur, whatever the need, these 5 platforms will help you.

Times have changed, getting your hands on free quality stock images to use even for commercial purposes has become easier. But the question remains, which sources are reliable and has a wide range of quality images to choose from?

Here are 5 sources I use on a daily bases and never disappoint, best of all it is free. Who says no to free?

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screenshot desktop site unsplash, Free Quality Stock Images For Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs
Screenshot – Visit Unsplash

This is probably my favorite out of all the platforms, or at least one of my top 2 favorites. Using the CCO Licence (Creative Commons Zero Licence) you are free to use all images even commercially. You are free to use them edited, un-edited for any project. I put Unsplash first because of the variety of travel photographs, they are relevant to my niche. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for the convenience of having 10 images delivered straight to your inbox.

Although attribution is not required. I still link back to the original image as a way of saying thank you to the creators and photographers.


screenshot desktop site Pixabay, Free Quality Stock Images For Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs
Screenshot – Visit Pixabay

Another favorite has to be Pixabay. I have been using Pixabay for more than 3 years now and mostly find what I am looking for. With a large variety of more than 400,000 quality photographs. Pixabay even gives you access to free videos and vector graphics. This is like a one-stop-shop for all your visual needs.

Following only a specific few content creators, makes it easy to find what I’m looking for. Although the same as with Unsplash no attribution is required, I still link back but you are not required to do so.


screenshot desktop site Pexels, Free Quality Stock Images For Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs
Screenshot – Visit Pexels

With a much smaller variety, Pexels still offers 10 high-quality images a day obtained from free images sources such as Unsplash and Pixabay. You will have access to the best images which are manually selected daily to form part of the Pexels database.

The same licensing goes for images on Pexels and is free to use for personal and commercial use without attribution. Using the Creative Commons Zero License.


screenshot desktop site StockSnap Free Quality Stock Images For Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs
Screenshot – Visit StockSnap

We have a competitor when it comes to free quality stock images for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Only recently discovered I have found this platform has a lot of future potentials. Aiming to create one of the largest online communities of photographers looking to share their art with the world.

StockSnap is a fast-growing platform that looks very promising. With hundreds of new photos being uploaded daily this platform is heading in a direction to change the world of stock images.

Using the same CC0 licensing as the platforms already discussed you can freely use the photographs in any way you want. Viewing images by searching or even according to date uploaded, views received and trending. Making it easier gaining access to the best Images on the platform.


screenshot desktop site Flickr Free Quality Stock Images For Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs
Screenshot – Visit Flickr

Flicker probably being one of the oldest and most used platforms for reliable images from all over the world. It has taken a hit by platforms offering images with CC0 licensing. Flickr has always been a reliable source of images and the word free is not realy what the platform is about.

There are still images that are free to use as you’d like but the numbers are decreasing. Most images I have recently searched mainly require attribution and editing options are limited as well. I do find that when you need images of celebrities then Flickr is “the go-to place”.


With the world of quality stock images changing at a rapid pace daily. Finding new platforms are becoming easier, offering images with a Creative Commons Zero license to use as you please.

I have found that finding specific images especially travel-related can be a little tricky at times and still find myself heading to Stock image sources such as Adobe Stock or Shutterstock.

If you know of more great free image sources then please share with us. Creative Commons Zero is a way of giving back to the community you once started in with little or nothing to show.

My name is Evan Petzer, I am a blogger, freelancer and online entrepreneur.


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